Saturday Workshop

Rethinking Imposter Syndrome: Learn about the tools to identify imposter syndrome and teach yourself to how to stop thinking like an imposter with Dr. Valerie Young, internationally-known expert. Learn more about Dr. Young's workshop on her website:

Sunday Workshop

All attendees are scheduled for a 1.5 hour workshop focusing on impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome can be described as the feeling of inadequacy and/or that one's success is not deserved or legitimately achieved.

Breakout Session Options 

Tentative list of breakout sessions - subject to change upon expressed interest among registered attendees. Attendees rank their choice of breakout sessions during registration.

  • "Effective Communication in the Workplace"

    • From difficult coworkers to headstrong personalities, learn how to positively communicate with your coworkers 

  • "Aesthetically Pleasing Presentations"

    • How to create presentations that are visually appealing, but still conveying information in a clear, concise manner

  • "CVs and Resumes and Cover letters, Oh my!"

    • Have experts actively look over your resume, CV, and cover letter. 

  • "Elevating your Elevator Pitch"

    • Can you explain your research clearly in a short amount of time to a variety of different audiences? Learn how to frame your talk and what details are a must have


  • "Talk to the Top: Mock Interviews"

    • Practice makes perfect – practice your soft skills in a helpful environment to ace your next interview. Professionals from academia, industry, and non-traditional backgrounds will be present to give their prospective on this topic.