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Breakout Sessions

CV/Resume Review

Learn how to make your CV & resume stand-out from the crowd! Hear from our experts in various sectors on how to tailor your document to land your dream job. Attendees should come prepared with a CV/resume to discuss and revise their draft on-site.


Giving a Job Talk: Industry vs. Academia

Dive into what it takes to give a job presentation if you are either looking for a career in academia or industry.


Creating a Healthy Work Environment

From frustrating coworkers to dominating personalities, learn how to positively communicate with your co-workers, mentors, and mentees in an improv-based breakout session. Learn how you can use your strengths to create a positive work environment for all.


Getting Your First Paycheck

Discussion on financial wellness and how to manage the ‘upgrade’ in pay after finishing graduate school or a post-doc.


Strategies for Success as an International Scientist

Learn how to tackle issues as an international researcher with topics including: advocating for yourself​, VISA concerns and tips/anecdotes from personal experiences, how to approach searching for jobs in a domestic student market, and additional resources for international students.


Accessibility in the Classroom

Gain insights into actions to promote DEI in the classroom and promote a healthy learning environment for all.


The Mentorship Relationship: How to Be a Mentee and Mentor

Discuss the different sides of a mentorship relationship: what does it take to either be a good mentor or mentee.

Bouncing Back from a Challenge

Participate in a dialogue about what it takes to come back stronger than ever after a set-back in your research or career.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Your Career is More Than Just Luck

Find out what imposter syndrome is and strategies to overcome feelings that you aren't good enough.

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