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Breakout Sessions

CV & Resume Workshop (Heidi Burch, Pauline Serrano, & Jim Swartz), HSSC Multi-purpose Room
Learn how to make your CV & Resume stand-out from the crowd! Hear from our experts in various sectors on how to tailor your document to land your dream job. Panelists should come prepared with a CV/resume draft & computer to discuss and revise on-site.

Mock Interviews (Robbyn Anand, Heidi Burch, & James Walker), HSSC N1114
Get feedback on your interview skills from professionals already in your field. Mock interviews will be in low-stress, small group settings. Panelists should come prepared with an 'elevator pitch' on their own academic/research experience.

How to Be a Good Mentor (Mohammad Zia-Ebrahimi), HSSC N1116
Depending on your career sector, mentorship may look different. Master various styles of mentoring and how to adapt your management style to nurture the next generation of chemists.

Strategies for Success as an International Chemist (Kavisha Ulapane & Ning Xu), HSSC N1112
Gain advice regarding transitioning from graduate school or a post-doc position to a permanent career. Experts will provide insights via anecdotal experiences, navigating VISA concerns, and more.

Effective Allies for STEM (Jonathan Ying Wang & Ning Xu), HSSC N1112
Serving as allies to our students, colleagues, and beyond - Discussions on intersectionality, privilege, effective ally-ship, and inclusive practices​. Learn how to address folks professionally without using gendered language. Gain skills of how to promote a welcoming and inclusive climate and how to handle instances of bias when they arise.​

Actions to Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Research (Edgar Arriaga), HSSC N1116
Learn about actionable ways you can promote diversity and inclusivity in your research and gain strategies you can implement to create an equitable work environment.
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