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Friday Workshop: Science Communication 

Paley, Miranda_2W4A0193.jpg

In this interactive session, we will learn how to communicate our science better and nail our elevator pitch be it for a job, a conference, or to a non-specialist audience.


Get ready to have fun, engage, and brainstorm in a friendly and informative setting!

Miranda Paley

Saturday Workshop: Breaking the Bias Habit


During this interactive workshop, we will explore implicit or unconscious biases and the underlying assumptions we make about groups of people.  We will treat the application of such biases as a “habit,” with a focus on race, ethnicity, and gender and explore strategies we can use to break the bias habit.  


Dr. Gillian-Daniel will present research that demonstrates the impact of implicit bias and discuss effective strategies to create more equitable and inclusive workplaces. 

Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel

Sunday Workshop: Creating a Culture of Wellness

Miriam Krause

Wellness is an extremely important part of living a joyful and fulfilling life, but it is often overlooked. In this interactive session participants will be encouraged to engage with one another as we discuss and cultivate ideas on how to create a culture of wellness based on the power that each of us holds. The session will include an overview of the 8 dimensions of wellness and how we can apply those teachings to improve the wellness of ourselves and our communities.


Jeannette Mejia


Safia Jilani

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Eleni Spanolios

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