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Saturday Workshop: DEI & Cultural Self-awareness


Explore the intersection of DEI and your culture. Participants will explore culture as the foundation for building the skills to navigate a global work environment. Understanding the people you lead and work with is imperative as students, leaders, and employees. Build authentic connections by embracing the strength of your identities and understanding the role your cultural experience plays when navigating lines of human difference. This workshop will help people at all levels embrace authentic leadership by building self-awareness and understanding how their social identities impact their ability to work with diverse teams.

Tracy Duran


Sunday Workshop: The Art of Negotiation

Negotiations occur every day in the scientific laboratory and workplace and often involve issues that are key to research success and career advancement.  This workshop teaches the fundamentals of negotiation relevant to a variety of one-on-one conversations and group settings.  Topics include the importance of negotiation to advance research and career objectives, identification of negotiables for research and career advancement, elements of a successful negotiation, the importance of data and how to collect, techniques for handling difficult people and conversations, the importance of listening and appreciating different viewpoints and identification of short and long-term negotiation goals and advocating for yourself.


Sherry Yennello

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