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What was most valuable for you about this weekend? 

"Learning soft skills"

"The honesty and the breath of knowledge. I gained perspective of fields and options I was extremely unfamiliar with"

"Connecting with people and learning negotiation techniques"

 "LOVED hearing so many different perspectives -- both from the speakers and the students. I enjoyed the energy of the organizers and the attendees. I also enjoyed being largely unplugged for the weekend"at the poster session"

"Being able to interact with the panelists. Their experience and advice was very inspiring"

"The panel sessions were the most valuable and the networki"I think the retreat provide a safe, open space to have conversations and ask questions that we don't get the opportunity to ask in the chemistry"ng opportunities at the poster session"

"The panel sessions were the most valuable and the networking opportunities at the poster session"

"Before coming, I was not confident to get a job offer after graduation. Now, I feel better, have a hope, make a plan and I am taking an action right now"

Did you have any personal "ah-ha" moments during the weekend?

"I realized that a large part of the reason I have thought I wanted to stay in academia is because it's all I've known"

"Yes, realized how much I underestimate my values and achievements and not put them forward"

"I realized that a large part of the reason I have thought I wanted to stay in academia is because it's all I've known"

"Hearing the different perspectives on the career panels has helped me gain the confidence to cast a wide net as I start my job search, and let myself figure out what will truly make me happy"

"Yes - I need the reminder that asking is ok - and that there's an appropriate way to go about asking that also validates my proposition and makes me look better"

Why would you recommend this retreat? 

"It gives a chance to talk to people in the know. It is a great opportunity to network. It is a small setting that allows for real feedback from many different people in different phases of their career and life"

"It is so refreshing to spend a weekend in a small, supportive environment with people who have similar backgrounds and experiences to you"

"The conversations I had and skills I worked on were helpful in my growth as a person and as a professional"

"It was a great time to learn the skills that were taught, but it was amazing to see the diverse talent that was together! It made use see how necessary it was for the job market, but also that there are initiatives being had for the future"

"It's useful in terms of learning networking, negotiation and opportunities as a chemist"

"I liked the small setting - I felt like more voices in the room were heard and that the topics were relevant and useful"

"I believe that it gives a lot of practical knowledge to thrive in our future career and we do not get to hear these just being stuck in the research lab. And we can be intentional in building these practical skills and soft skills while we work on our PhD"

"There was so much valuable information there and opportunity to not only meet, but really get to know individuals already in the field"

"It definitely helped my professional development, it sparked my interest in the managerial track within industry and I was able to connect with professional scientists who are at different stages in their career and gave me different perspectives"

"It is useful, not only for networking but also for personal development"

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